HBL’s Hook Line and Sinker ‘Tootsie’ (ALAA-056936)

Tootsie-Tootsie Roll! ‘Toots’ is our small-medium, multi-gen ALD, she has an absolutely stunning curly, chocolate fleece coat with a choclate nose and PIERCING brown eyes! She is incredibly social and playful, she goes with her family on many of their adventures and of course she loves playing and being with her sister Nola who she lives with. Tootsie is super intelligent, and responds to a super impressive array of commands! She measures 16.5″ from floor to shoulder and weighs 22lbs. Click the picture to the left to see more photos of Tootsie!
Tootsie’s Health Testing Information
Hips: OFA – Excellent | Elbows: OFA – Clear/Normal
Eyes: OFA – Clear | vWD: Clear | PRA-PRCD: Clear | EIC: Clear