HBL’s Cupcakes at Midnight ‘Raven’ (ALAA-065176)

Adorable little Raven!! Raven is our stunning JET BLACK true mini. She has a super straight fleece coat, measures 15″ floor to shoulder and weighs 22lbs. A truly gorgeous black coat (did I mention that already?), black nose and brown eyes. She is such a gentle and loving dog, Raven reminds us so much of her aunt Sophia and she truly brings a peacefulness wherever she goes. She is a perfect example of a well tempered, smart, social doodle. Click the picture to the left to see more photos of Raven!
Raven’s Health Testing Information
Hips: OFA – Excellent | Elbows: OFA: Clear/Normal | Eyes: OFA – Clear
vWD: Clear | PRA-PRCD: Clear | EIC: Clear