Highland Beach Labradoodles Chillin’ the Most ‘Marla’ (ALAA-062203)

Marla is another of our true mini’s, she has a beautiful straight Caramel colored coat with a black nose and eyes that will melt you to the core! Marla has a gentle soul and is instantly in love with everyone she meets. She enjoys taking strolls around her plat and saying hello to all the neighbors! You might think she’s the ice cream truck the way people come running out to see her = ) She measures 15 1/2″ from floor to shoulder and weighs 18lbs. Click the picture to the left to see more photos of Marla!
Marla’s Health Testing Information
Hips: OFA – Good | Elbows: Normal/Clear
Eyes: OFA – Clear | Thyroid: MSU – Normal levels | vWD, PRA-PRCD: Clear | EIC: Clear