Welcome to Highland Beach Labradoodles! Located in central Rhode Island, we are experienced, knowledgeable, second-generation breeders of the Australian Labradoodle. Our family has been breeding Labradoodles in Rhode Island since 1997 and we center our breeding program around the health and development of the breed through meticulous health testing and making careful and deliberate selections when selecting our breeding dogs. All of our pups are born and raised in our home (no kennels!) and socialize and interact with our family on a daily basis!

We take great care and effort to ensure that all our puppies are happy, healthy, well-tempered doodles! All of our dogs (as well as any dogs that we may work with) are extensively health tested throughout their life and prior to breeding to ensure we are doing everything possible to protect the health of the litter as well as the Dam (mother) and Sire (father). We spend extensive time socializing and interacting with our puppies, introducing them to common occurrences in the home that will help them be prepared for an easy transition to their forever homes. Our puppies carry strong, well-documented bloodlines and we always strive to protect and help develop the health, quality and integrity of the Labradoodle breed.

All of our breeding dogs are health tested and certified through trusted sources such as OFA, PennHip, PawPrint Genetics, UC Davis (and many more sources) as well as continually maintained and evaluated by our trusted team of veterinarians and specialists. All of our dogs and puppies are ALAA registered, and we have been continually recognized by the ALAA as a Golden Paw Breeder for our record of healthy pups and commitment to extensively health testing our dogs.

Check back frequently as we will always keep the website up to date with new information. We will post planned litters as early as possible. Reservations for puppies fill up fast. Often our litters are fully booked before the puppies are born, we recommend applying as early as possible if you are interested in adopting a puppy from an upcoming litter.

Our dogs make amazing companion pets and are bred to have a wonderful and enjoyable temperament. We want each and every puppy to find the perfect home with the perfect family! Labradoodles are very intelligent and trainable, and are known for their loving and compassionate personalities. Our puppies do wonderfully in homes both with and without children, and some of our puppies/dogs have even been used as therapy dogs! We breed for coats that are extremely allergy friendly, and while each person’s allergies are different and specific to that person’s body chemistry, we have a long track record of families with allergies adopting our dogs and living happy, allergy free lives!

We have dogs homed all over the country from California to Maine and everywhere in between! If you are interested in one of our puppies please view our ‘Adoption Info/Policy’ page from the menu on the left. We accept applications year round and while we are often fully booked we will keep accepted applications on our contact list for possible future openings. We hope you enjoy your visit and invite you to check back often and follow us on Instagram/Facebook as we are always sharing new content!