Our Guardians are families/individuals who care for and raise one of our breeding females as if it was their own, because it is! Forever!! Our Guardian owners must live in Rhode Island and do have a few more responsibilities/commitments than a normal pet owner, but all of our adoptive families as well as our Guardian families love to spoil their dog, so most of it is stuff any loving owner would do anyways = ) Things like keeping the dog on a proper diet, brushing their coat daily, grooming every 6 weeks, training and responsibly caring for and protecting their dog, all stuff like that! Occasionally we will need our guardian to transport the dog to us for a breeding meet or scheduled appointment, normally just a few times per year. There are no extra costs of ownership compared to the normal costs and expenses of owning a (spoiled) Labradoodle, and you know you are getting a dog we have hand selected from one of our litters for multiple reasons including excellent health, temperament, build, genetics/lineage and of course aesthetics (a.k.a. adorableness!) Our guardian families can’t believe what amazingly loving, show-stopping dogs they end up with, and every single guardian family we have is head over heels in love with their girl! We do prefer families with experience with at least one dog that they raised from puppyhood, the comfort we take in knowing they’re being raised and loved in a good, caring, stable household is what has helped us to develop such a wonderfully social and balanced temperament in these dogs we love so much! If you are interested in applying to be a Guardian please email us at GuardianInfo@HBDoodles.com and request an application and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!